Free Procedural Spaceship Maker blend file

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UPDATE: Gumroad didn´t let me publish it for free due to file size, but you can get it for free here 

but if you still want to support my work, please feel free to pay what you want, i will appreciate it so much!

Wanna make quick spaceships sketches in no time? wondering how feels to be like the emperor having a fleet of thousand ships?

-This blend file contains an easy and fun way based on modifiers inside blender( no need of add-ons) to create endless ship shapes and variations, it comes also with four different PBR textures materials to start givingtoyourship that sweet sci-fi look. And all for free! (unless you wish to show some love to my work donating what you consider)

- If you want to know how it works, check the video that shows in this page, or check my tutorial on youtube on how to make your own spaceship maker from scratch here.

Enjoy scifi lover!!

  • Spaceships a gogo

  • Size
    313 MB
  • Spaceships a gogo
  • Size313 MB


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Free Procedural Spaceship Maker blend file

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